How do I know my heart is healthy? I regularly do kapalbhati.

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There has been a substantial increase in heart related deaths. One way to feel safe in this scenario is by not paying attention to incidents happening around, and second is by figuring out and ensuring that my heart is good.

Anwar (42) is a normal healthy looking person, he regularly does kapalbhati and a bit more, one day he felt some cold sweat and weakness, he ignored, a month later it happened again and this time his wife insisted on a medical check-up. It ended with a bye pass surgery after discovering that one of his coronary arteries was over 95% blocked and he was lucky to have survived his 2nd heart attack. He never felt any chest pain or had any recorded cardiovascular history.

Why is it on the rise?

Recently Bangalore reported 30% increase in heart related deaths, and some other good record keeping world cities over 50%. There are two reasons to it:

  • During Covid lockdown most people stayed home, some completely in-door. Many ate more and became more sedentary. This led to accelerated arterial clogging in even otherwise healthy looking persons.
  • Covid enters inside the cells through ACE2 receptors. These receptors are found in large number in lungs and heart. Once virus is in blood stream it is almost certain to reach to heart and cause cellular damage over there. Most investigational Covid autopsies revealed heart damage.
  • Very few people know whether they contracted Covid or not because it is mostly asymptomatic, and tests, if done, were not completely reliable.

But it can’t all be blamed on Covid. Covid in real sense is a mild virus, it is this that the overall health and immunity of humans is dramatically plummeting. And for this, indoor, sedentary and polluted living is to be blamed, not the virus.        

Is my heart good?

If you are getting good sleep, your pulse stays between 50 and 75 without any medication, and if you are able to comfortably run or jog over a kilometer, your heart is certainly good. Checking this requires no medical professional, machine or blood test. If it is not so you should pay attention to cleansing and strengthening your heart irrespective of how-so-ever nice meaning and brave you could be.

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