Know Your Heart Beats

Photo by Jacob Owens on Unsplash

Heart rate is one of the easiest to detect and the most revealing health parameters of our body. There are many gadgets available to measure it or to keep a continuous track of it; however, you need none of them. Everyone should try knowing one’s heart as directly as possible, without any interfaces.

How to measure your heart beats?

It’s easy, just put your fingers on your wrist, search the artery, and count the beats for a minute. Some people may find it difficult to locate the artery, particularly those with high BMI, never mind, just keep trying and you will figure it out. Rely on your own count than on someone’s or some gadget’s; after all it’s your heart! Heart beat fluctuates a lot depending upon one’s emotions, physical actions and temperature, so take these things in account and do check your heart rate when you are relaxed, calm and comfortable to know the basal value.

Pulse measurement by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

What does your heart beat say?

Heart beats tell about many things including emotions, infections and heart health. For now let’s limit it to heart health. Your heart is a pump doing vital function of supplying blood to your entire body and thereby ensuring all supplies, exchanges and homeostasis. And this function is so vital that it cannot be stopped even for a minute. So your heart got to work non-stop all your life. Your heart rate indicates the number of times per minute your heart is pumping or pushing the blood; bigger and stronger and cleaner is one’s heart, lesser is the number. For adults a value between 50 to 70 beats per minute is considered healthy and 50 to 60 excellent.

Bigger and stronger and cleaner is one’s heart, lesser is the heart rate

High heart rate is indicative of weak heart, and thereby, heart rate is also an indicator of life expectancy. Weaker things lasts less, and if they have to work more, they would last even less. Some believe mammals’ heart is designed to beat only for a particular number of times; and hence, if rate is high it would worn out fast. Keeping heart rate low with medicines is not good as it compromises blood supply to extremities.

How to make your heart clean and strong?

To keep the heart in order it’s necessary to regularly or periodically perform cleansing and strengthening actions. Sun bathing and autophagic fasts are of tremendous value in keeping the heart clean, and cardio workout in strengthening. To know more how to refer Sehatvan’s heart health module.

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