Life at Sehatvan


Our entire setup is eco-constructed with mud walls and the structure is made of bamboo. They are well ventilated and have the ability to maintain temperature. We also have eco-constructed western and Indian toilets which have a bucket water flush system. Surrounded by the quietness of nature you can indulge in yourself and the abundant activities to benefit your mind and body.


Our principle with food is eating what nourishes you. We try to have a high protein and high fiber diet that helps in making the gut and body strong. Our mornings start with cooked or raw meals, followed by a simple lunch and dinner by 7 PM giving the body enough time to digest and recover. Communal cooking is encouraged to make eating and cooking a joyful experience!

The kitchen is open for people to experiment with keeping the principles of Sehatvan intact.

We are currently also doing trials with solar cooking.



Our basic principle is to connect with soil, sun and open air as much as possible. Physical activities form a huge part of the day. Activities include digging, grass cutting, lipai, hiking and sun bathing. Each comes with its own advantage and you are free to choose what you want to indulge in.

Muscle building and stamina increasing comes as an added advantage.


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