Why do even sports persons get heart attack? 

Legendary Diego Maradona died of heart attack at 60

In Jan 2020 7 persons suffered heart attack during Mumbai marathon and one died. Later in November world mourned death of legendary footballer Deigo Maradona and the beginning of January 2021 is witnessing pulling out of rice bran healthy heart oil endorsement of Indian cricketer Saurav Ganguli subsequent to his angioplasty.

Adani Wilmar pulls out Saurav Ganguli's 'healthy heart' endorsement following his angioplasty 

Heart attacks or sudden cardiac attacks aren't very common in sports persons and athletes but they draw more attention as a common person considers those people being the fittest. 

High endurance activities do strengthen heart, but there are other factors as well ranging from genetic make-up to unnoticed dehydration to stress and atherosclerosis.

Periodic autophagic fasts are essential for almost everybody in order to keep their heart clean.              

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