About Sehatvan

Sehatvan is an action-research space for Forest Therapy. We invite people to stay and work on their health and fitness goals. People, especially youth, also join to learn and live amidst nature. Special workshops and gatherings are also organised periodically.

Research Focus:

  • Epigenetics And Gene Switching
  • Autophagy
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Diseases And Biological Age Reversal

We, at Sehatvan believe in going back to simpler times of living. Where we can experience the therapeutic powers of the forest by reconnecting with the earth, by sowing seeds, by growing our own food or just by simple sitting amidst the trees and listening to bird calls.

One of the major components that is essential to health is what we feed the body. The food that we cook here is in a manner that all the nutrient value of the ingredients remain intact.

We believe in the science of Autophagy. Depending on your health capacity and severity of your condition a fasting (Autophagy) regime is incorporated. Fasting helps in removing the toxic elements from your body and ensures you have a renewed system that is capable of fighting the diseases more efficiently. Fasting also brings about a mental clarity as your body begins running on ketones to dig deep and resolve issues from within.

All this can be experienced with a fulfillment that only tranquil environments provide. So we have built a space for you, away from the noises of the city and pollution it brings along.

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