Teenage Health

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Recommended Duration:

A) At Sehatvan(Forest Protocol) + B) Home Protocol
7 to 10 days4 to 8 weeks (1 to 2 follow-up calls)

Fee Contribution:
(All inclusive of module fees, boarding and lodging)

Indian Participants:International Participants:
INR 30,000
USD 600


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About The Module

Teenage is often the most dynamitic span of one’s life. It is the time when secondary growth sets in bringing many biological/ hormonal changes in the body, and shaping of the mind, and thereby this tenure is also considered being the formative span of one’s life for almost everything, including the health. A healthy teenage is a stepping stone for healthy adulthood. Unfortunately, current time is posing so many distractions and distortions to the teenagers that the lifestyle is mostly derailed from being biologically balanced. It is this derailment in teenage lifestyle that is leading to depression, anxiety, obesity, heart attack, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, hair fall or graying, and many other things in young adulthood.

Inculcating Sehatvan early in life helps youngsters not only set their lifestyle on the track, but also deeply understand health or bio hacks that could lead to a very healthy and successful life. Teenagers, deeply narrowed with the gadgets, games and studies, discover the true vastness of the universe, and of the possibilities, here.                

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