Multiple Issues


Recommended Duration:

A) At Sehatvan(Forest Protocol) + B) Home Protocol
3 to 4 weeks4 to 8 weeks (1 to 2 follow-up visits/calls)

Fee Contribution:
(All inclusive of module fees, boarding and lodging)

Indian Participants:International Participants:
INR 45,000
USD 750


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About The Module

It’s quite rarely that someone will suffer from just one issue, in the beginning it may look like a single ailment, as the ailment progresses it unfolds in many dis-eases. Processes in our body are highly interconnected and synchronized and breakdown in one thing affects many. Also, most people these days are suffering from lifestyle diseases, and when lifestyle goes haywire many issues pop-up. Epigenetic explanation to this situation is: when someone’s circadian rhythm is disturbed, food, habitat or physical or emotional engagements are disturbed, switching of many genes gets altered giving rise to many syndromes and diseases. As Sehatvan, our focus is always more on restoring health than addressing a particular ailment and we have found it time and again that many seemingly unrelated ailments disappear simultaneously.

You might be suffering from wide range of issues ranging from constipation to migraine to hypertension to acid reflex to mood swings to breathing issues or pains; our strengthening, autophagy and re-strengthening protocol resets or reboots the whole body-mind-complex; enabling seemingly diverged issues disappear simultaneously.  

Contrary to the medical approach where one disease in many individuals is considered as a uniform thing and given almost uniform medicines, Sehatvan sees every individual being a unique story needing unique attention with the approach being to fix the people instead of ailments. Despite having many issues, you are a single-intact-person for us, unlike being in a complex tertiary care medical system where one is fragmented into many departments or specialties.

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