Happiness & Longevity

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Happiness leads to needing less and Longevity to sustainability.


Recommended Duration:

A) At Sehatvan(Forest Protocol) + B) Home Protocol
4 to 6 weeks8 to 10 weeks (2 or 3 follow-up visits/calls)

Fee Contribution:
(All inclusive of module fees, boarding and lodging)

Indian Participants:International Participants:
INR 50,000
USD 1000


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About the Module

Religions were a great tool for bringing social patterns and individual hope and peace; they also created much confusion around after-death-life and rebirths, which seemingly is pushing populaces live life casually and un-consciously. At Sehatvan, we believe a person’s world beings with one’s birth and end with the death. Death is The End, and hence, life should be lived enjoyably and extendedly.

Happiness and Longevity are the core research areas for Sehatvan. We are actively working upon to slowing down and reversing biological aging, and on potentiating intrinsic happiness. If you chose to join this module there is a good possibility that You and Sehatvan would become long term friends, building a community of happy and healthy people on some very long march.                   

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