What are good blood pressure numbers for mid-aged?

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The New York Times in its October 19, 2020 issue questions 120/80 being ideal. It also find it being responsible for rise in cardiovascular diseases. It seems this number has been set a bit higher, and most people are keeping their numbers even higher than this.   

New York Times through a report in JAMA Caridology questions 120/80 being ideal (Oct 19, 2020)  

Blood pressure is an extremely vital parameter. Our heart is required to send blood to all the nook and cranny of body on a continuous basis, and it does so though its vast supply line. The line comprises of arteries, veins and capillaries. Do you have any idea what could be the sum total of these supply lines? It is around 60 thousand miles in children and around 100 thousand miles in adults! Earth’s circumference is less than 25 thousand miles, hence if you are a mid-aged person your vasculature can take four rounds of the earth!!

To run the blood through this myriad vasculature some pressure is required. And this pressure is got to be perfect so as to be able to send the blood everywhere without blasting the delicate capillaries. Nonetheless, blood need keeps changing, hence, the system has to make for the changed needs too. To enable this, blood vessels have been designed to have flexibility; therefore, depending upon the blood need they contract or expand without needing for the pressure to go much up or down.

As we grow old vessels start become stiff, like old tyres, and clogged. This stiffness and clogging, also known as atherosclerosis, send our blood pressure northward. The clogging that we so often hear w.r.t. coronary arteries, in fact, happens in all the vessels. The increased pressure, often referred as hypertension or high BP, could be brought down by slowing down the heart, and this is how many antihypertensive medicines work, but then this compromises the blood supply.

120/80 is in fact the upper limit of good numbers and is in question. Full good range is 90/60 to 120/80.

120/80 is in fact the upper limit of good numbers and is question. Full good range is 90/60 to 120/80. And it is possible to maintain this even in mid age if periodic cleansing and rejuvenation is performed. In addition to the numbers, their spread is also important. Ideal spread is 1/3rd of the upper number. If spread is too low it is indicative of dehydration.      

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