Weekend Retreats at Sehatvan 

Weekend retreats are designed to bring people together to explore a particular theme around wholeness and well-being. Retreats begin at 10 am on Fridays and end with dinner on Sundays. Participants may also depart in Monday morning.

The group lives as a community in mud huts, together doing the cooking and cleaning chorus and the individuals are required bringing their own linen, torch and walking shoes, and are encouraged to carry their art, music and farming things.


Forthcoming Retreats


Raw Food and Experiences with Raphael and Darina

Fresh food ideas that can bring energy and clarity to the body and mind.

August 11-13, 2023

During the workshop Raphael and Darina will show new food combinations, give examples and advice on how to implement tasty raw food into your daily lives.

Additionally, they will be exploring how does it feel to engage in experiences without prior knowledge or expectations.

A participant once said, 'without raw experiences one may probably never meet one's true self. Living a curated life is living a second-hand life.'

Darina and Raphael, have in last two years been juggling with raw experience and raw food in Europe and Asia. Both traveling and practicing permaculture and natural building.


Being Meditative and Doing Meditation with Arvind Kalburgi and Dr. Vipin Gupta

18-20th August 2023

Yoga and Meditation are gaining unprecedented popularity worldwide. This retreat will authentically look into why these age-old-techniques, which for long remained in the domain of a chosen few, have become a commoner's thing. The retreat will also try to investigate the risks and limitation of various techniques.

The facilitators, Arvind and Vipin, have since long been looking into the aspects of 'being meditative' and 'doing meditation'.


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