Is insulin having a role beyond diabetes? Can it be activated?

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Insulin, the most important factor in regulation of blood glucose homeostasis, is an anabolic hormone that promotes glucose uptake and synthesis of muscles and fat tissues.

In people leading an active lifestyle insulin promotes more of muscle synthesis, while in those having sedentary lifestyle it promotes more of fat tissue synthesis. Sedentary people on high carb diet often develop a syndrome known as ‘insulin resistance’ which leads to further increase in insulin levels and malefactions manifesting in conditions including PCOD, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Over 15% people worldwide suffer from it and there is no medicine to prevent or cure it.

Probably the problem is not in synthesis of insulin or in its molecular nature, the problem arise with insulin receptors. Receptors get clogged because of high fat, particularly when levels go beyond cell capacities. And these receptors could be cleaned, at Sehatvan we have found that autophagic fasts help resolve insulin resistance. Possible mechanism could be ketosis leading to burning of excess fat, and thereby leading to receptor cleaning, and hence, bringing insulin activation. 

However, these fasts must always be medically supervised as people suffering from insulin resistance are often on hypoglycemics needing frequent dosage adjustments or withdrawal of medicine. 


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