Gene Switching and Hypothyroidism

Image by Victor Point on Noun Project

Structure and functionality map of all living beings is stored in their genome or DNA. Each functional segment of DNA is called a gene. Human genome contains around 20,000 genes. There are trillions of cells in human body and each cell carries complete map i.e. full genome. Eventually not all the genes are expressed everywhere, else there would be everything everywhere, meaning thereby nothing anywhere. Genes are selectively switched on and off depending upon the time and need, and this is why we are such a well-organized system of organs and tissues having so many distinct functionalities.  

This switching system is called epi-genome and it is in this that whole genome is bagged. Each cell or cell type has a distinguished switching system and these switches are responsive to the environment around i.e. environment in the cellular vicinity, in the associated tissues or organs, in rest of the body, around the body, of the home, of the city, of the planet, and of whole universe. In distinct cell types some switches are turned-off forever e.g. pituitary gland doesn’t need to make insulin likewise pancreatic cells haemoglobin. Besides this, some genes are turned off or on for generations, some for years, and some are turned on and off much more frequently.

Biology is ultimately an electro-chemical phenomenon, and hence, besides the food we eat and chemicals we inhale or otherwise consume, energies around us affect this switching a lot - be it thermal energy i.e. cycles of heat and cold or sunshine or electromagnetic fields around. 

Sunshine alone is known to have switching linkage with of over one thousand of our genes.

Our genome and its switching got evolved over a period of thousands or millions of years and has been synchronizing itself with the changing environment around, and with the lifestyle we followed. Nonetheless different things take different time in getting synchronized or becoming attuned to a change e.g. psychological and societal changes may happen very quickly whereas biological or genetical changes take lot of time. Genetic changes happen not in months or years but in generations. A period of ten or hundred years is just an eye blink on the scale of biological evolution. And this is what has happened – our lifestyle and living environment have changed dramatically in an eye blink, in last few decades. For millennia humans lived in sync with nature, like all other animals, but in last few decades we have come completely out of it. This is too dramatic a change, and this has confused our whole gene switching system.

For millennia humans lived in sync with nature, like all other animals, but in last few decades we have come completely out of it. This is too dramatic a change, and this has confused our whole gene switching system.

Humans now live in an environment full of electrical and magnetic fields and amid of many radiations – electrical wirings, phone towers, Wi-Fi, too many appliances around the body and on the body – phones, blue tooth, bands, rings, chips. This dramatic change is disrupting gene switching and this the cause why many of our glands aren’t working properly and so many new diseases are emerging.  

At Sehatvan people have been self-experimenting around it, and we have been noticing that within days of being here health of almost everyone bounces back dramatically. Most people admit of their having felt in so much sync with themselves that they never felt in years. We had a person whose blood pressure would get normalized in hours of his arrival at Sehatvan. Same has been the case with blood sugar and hypothyroidism. We are sure changes happen all around, hypothyroidism, blood pressure and blood sugar are some of the easily quantifiable issues.

With hypothyroidism we have seen effect even in cases having extremely high TSH values. On staying at Sehatvan practically in all cases TSH goes back to normal within just a few days. Whether this returns back on returning back to city dwelling depends on duration and quality of stay. We observed those who stayed for 3 weeks or more and remained without devices during the stay their TSH stayed normal for quite a lot of time; and in the cases where stay was of less than 1 week or participants remained hooked to their phone and other devices TSH shot up again after few months of return.  

We feel that to keep one’s gene switching in order everyone should spend at least a couple of weeks every year (more frequently, if possible) in wild or near wild situations.