Effect of Community, Nature and Autophagy on Emotional and Intelligence Quotients 

A study under Sehatvan's Emotional & Mental Fitness Module facilitated by Naturalist and Psychologist Madhur Anand

Group 1 (Jan 17-Feb 7, 2021) for teenagers and young adults & Group 2 (Feb 8-28, 2021) for all ages. 

IQ and EQ are key attributes for being happy and successful in this rapidly changing world. Millennial's in particular have dramatic new possibilities and challenges. As more and more old references are turning irrelevant, one’s own fitness remains key driver.

Covid-19 has accelerated individuals' community and nature cut-off at one hand, and food and gadget addiction at the other, which is pushing many towards compromised emotional, psychological and neurological states. This program-cum-self-study is to understand how community, nature and autophagy could enhance emotional and mental well-being. People of all ages and genders can participate in this. 

Book a 15-min free session with Madhur Anand to understand if this is for you. (📞 91-860-2525-887)

Fee Contribution: This study is being conducted under Sehatvan’s Emotional and Mental Fitness Module. Participants will require paying 50% module fee and the remaining amount shall be borne by the study. Stay is in single occupancy tents following Covid-19 distancing norms.

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